Who are we?

We are small team of enthusiasts gathered around the same idea of sharing knowledge and experience, while overcoming the noise in communication we are all aware. 

What does it mean Mondopreneur?

Mondopreneur is entrepreneurs of the world. Mondopreneur is a future entrepreneur. We might have the same challenges, doubts and issues, but as long as we keep them for ourselves we cannot move forward. This is the chance to hear other voices and perspectives in order to find new ideas, motivate,  network and hopefully grow as persons and business owners.

Mondopreneur is a state of mind.

Who the guests are?

Mondopreneur podcast aims to gather and interview mainly women entrepreneurs across the globe for the main purpose of sharing practical knowledge, as well as their challenges and actions that were taken in response to the ongoing economic crisis. The objective is to inform, educate, and immediately affect the ones that are impacted – and give hands-on advice that will be applicable in practice. Help, solidarity, and peer support is the most important in the time of crisis, no matter what caused it. The project will consist of a series of interviews, hosted by Sanja Milosavljevic (small business owner from Belgrade) and will cover the challenges that are (mostly women) entrepreneurs facing during the troubling times. Women solidarity has been proven to be contagious – since women are a minority in the business world and tend to socialize quickly and have a great impact on the community.

Why do we speak about Covid-19?

What Covid-19 thought us is that we are all the same, no matter where we live, what is our background or where we work.

The spread of COVID-19 has undoubtedly left an immediate impact on small, medium, and large businesses worldwide. The true effect is yet to be seen. A lot of medium and small businesses experience losses each day, and it is important to act fast and smart. In order to ease the effects of the current crisis, it is important to stay informed and have access to the concrete and relevant stories from the business owners, university teachers or employees in corporations across the globe. The podcast aims to provide tips and tricks, fast and hands-on advice one would not get to hear in the traditional media, a completely practical and non-formal point of view. 

Why podcast?

Because, listening and watching are the best ways to learn. 

This is our way to bring back to community of supporters that helped us once.

Enjoy and embrace the changes!